The Churches of St Wilfrid's & St Mary's
in the Parishes of Monk Fryston & South Milford

Whatever our circumstances it is important to find time to take a break, relax, sit back and enjoy good company.
But  how many of us take the time to do this simplest of things?  Particularly if you are on your own, or a primary carer.

To help with this we have created space to take a break through PAUSE.

PAUSE takes place on a Thursday morning between 9am and noon at St Mary's Church, South Milford.

There is a place to sit and chat with coffee, tea and cakes.  You can sit and read the papers, or meet friends - old and new.  If you are looking for a quieter break there is an area set aside for reflection and, if it is your thing, prayer.
We have activities for children so if you want to bring them along there will be things for them to do.
If you do the school run why not pop in after dropping the kids off at school?

We also recognise that sometimes you need someone to talk things through with, someone who is outside your situation and willing to listen.  We have a team of qualified Christian Listeners who are happy to sit and allow you to speak confidentially.

So, why not take a break and have a PAUSE in your week, come along to St Mary's on Thursday mornings, you will be most welcome.